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Pictured is Lock 8 N, an original stone lock in excellent condition.

Original specifications directed that all Miami and Erie Canal Locks be constructed of limestone which proved impractical in some areas, such as swamp land.9   The limestone for these original locks was gathered from river beds when the rivers were temporarily dammed up. 

To the photo to the right is the former gatekeeper's house which is nestled among the pines.  It is posted "No Trespassing."

 The closest legitimate access is a two-mile round trip from either Quelihorst Road to the north, passing former lock 9, or S.R. 219, to the south passing where lock 7 once was.

During a morning walk a hike from Quelihorst Road offers a high degree of shade.

Coming in from the north also offers the opportunity to view canal mile marker "128".

Except for Lock 8N as picture above, Locks 3-11N, had been constructed of wood with little remaining.  Lock 8N is one of the few intact locks on the northern portion of the canal that is well above current water levels.

page 9 Source:  “Miami and Erie Canal Corridor Association Resource Plan “


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